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Nobby Rash gets his team together and treats them to a little holiday in the sun. That's the Caribbean sun rather than the Hawaiian sun they're all used to, anyway. So what do the Naish team do on a movie making trip with no TV in the evenings? Most of the time seems to have been spent on how to make it as funny as possible. There's duct tape body boarding, cliff hucking, waves, big air, toilet antics, wipeouts, a funny retro section and of course, the boys knocking out their best tricks. Nothing at all is taken too seriously which makes a nice change, and the bonus section which has the scariest kiteboarding moment you've ever seen and hopefully will ever see.

RUNNING TIME: 41 minutes
FEATURED RIDERS: Some characters going by the names 'Adam Bomb', 'Shinny', 'Knee-High Miller', 'Hansel', 'Abdul', 'Naisty Nobby Rash'. Crazy kids.
SOUNDTRACK: Junkie Rush, A Bird of Passage, Jeremiah's Grotto, George Sabolick, DJ Vitamin D, Zippy Josh, Rayzing Sons, Brian Talma, Scott Rickett.

13 Daze was featured in Issue #13.

Added: 2008-09-22

Category: Gear

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