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- It's not the size of the kite, it's how you use it.
- Nothing compares to the happiness of pumping up a brand new prototype, even after the 500th time.

THREE - Most people only really listen if they are getting paid or need something. Appreciate those who listen to you the rest of the time, they are your real friends.

- Teaching your girlfriend to kite is the quickest way to end a relationship, but having a girlfriend who kites can open up a whole new world of possibilities.

- Exercise is good for the body and mind but gyms are hell on earth.

- There is no such thing as a kite that is too quick, only riders who are too slow.

- Unless you are training for the Olympics, Speedos are unnecessary.

EIGHT - There is a direct relationship between the distance you are from your living room and how much you learn about yourself.

- Mixing work and play takes some practice, but if you've traded in your suit and tie for board shorts, consider yourself ahead of the game.
- Some of the best times I can remember involved sitting on the beach waiting for wind.

- Always wear sunscreen, but don't be that guy with a big, thick white layer (you know who you are).

- All of my hard work pays off in a second when a rider comes out of the water and says, 'Wow, your kite made my day!'

- Take-out will always taste better than eating in a restaurant.
- If everything was written in lists, I would do a lot more reading.

- There are two types of people: those who see making money as a means to achieve their goals and those who see making money as the goal. It's better not to be the latter.

OUTRO- Yaron Barlev, 32, lives in Israel in Beit Yanay, a small coastal village, 30 minutes north of Tel Aviv. He started kiting in 2000 and, with a computer engineering degree, began work on kite R&D in 2002, eventually launching Blade kites in 2005. Aiming to come up with new innovations to make kiting an easier and more accessible sport, you will find him testing and developing in Vietnam and Cape Verde over the winter. He is happily married with one child
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