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Wipeout Wednesday #03


Why? Because we all love 'em! Whether it's your mate getting a trashing at your local spot, or pros getting a hardcore rinsing... something inside always makes us smile...

This week Lee Harvey feels the wrath of One Eye at the 2012 KSP event in Mauritius and Michael Shitzhofer cruises for a bruising at Brandvlei, South Africa. This first one's a screamer though!


So, here goes Lee setting up for an all-time barrel when it starts to go very wrong, he gets sucked up the face and heads over the falls. At this point a quick redirection of the kite and it becomes his saviour, although we leave him in the final shot of the sequence looking in a new kind of peril!


Lee 'Pasty' Harvey back again, this time taking on a monster and realising he doesn't have the legs to outrun it. Yes, the kite is his personal rescue device, but not before he takes a massive one on the head. Eeeewwww!

When not taking huge wipeouts, Lee is a fantastic wave rider and instructor and is running a coaching clinic on the Cape Verdean island of Boa Vista in March. More details here: www.sportif.travel/clinics


Michael Shitzhofer's back for the second time this week, today with a mobe 5 that didn't exactly go to plan. Over to him for the juicy background material:
'I had the right feeling and movement but just before the landing my centre of gravity moved too far forward on the toe-side edge. Once that happened there was nothing I could do as it all happens so quick; from there it's time to prepare for impact. Like in snowboarding, when you catch a frontside edge, your upper body and face accelerate towards the water so fast and you know its gonna hurt. Add bindings into the mix and it's like you throw an anchor around your legs and you're pulled to an immediate stop, which accelerates your forward momentum and face slap. Yes, these crashes hurt... they really do! Thanks to my dad for getting nice and close and catching this not-so-bright moment of this particular session.
CAPTION ? Brace yourself Mike... this one's gonna sting! PHOTO ? Franz Shitzhofer
Mike Shitzhofer is team captain for Best's insane new team and you can also find him at: www.mikekite.tv

COMING UP: Tomorrow is Thoughtful Thursday and we think about those poor souls who spend much of their time suffering salty ears, red eyes from the sun, chaffing and calloused palms from so many hours toiling in the surf to fill our kitesurfing dreams. It's a tough job as they say, but someone's got to do it! And then on Friday, we've only gone and lined up that freeride superstar Tom Court.

Wainman Hawaii

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