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WW: 01

Why? Because we all love 'em! Whether it's your mate getting a trashing at your local spot, or pros getting a hardcore rinsing... something inside always makes us smile...

In the spirit of fair play, it's only right that we start with one of the editorial team taking a hit for this feature. And where better to start than the editor? Here's Jim about to chew on a dose of Brighton shingle in the shore break, perfectly captured by Leigh Wingell, who was stood on a groin not 20 feet away. Lesson 01 - don't get cocky in the shorebreak! Now, that's over, let's get on with the real business!

Editor Jim is first up in the wipeouts!


Next up, is a lesson in learning to love the wipeout from Ocean Rodeo's UK rep, ocean charger and renowned kite hack, Dom Moore.

and he's down
and he's down
there he is



It is a fact that water gets denser the colder it becomes, till it gets down to 5 degrees and then it starts to ease up a bit as it prepares to turn into ice.

The water in deepest darkest Cornwall hits about 9 or 10 degrees in the mid-winter, so it's quite well suited to giving you a bit of a slap around the chops if you stuff something up. Coincidentally, the colder the water, the better our dive-reflex is. The dive-reflex is the thing that slows your heart rate down when you are underwater so you conserve oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide build up. So when it comes to wiping out and getting sucked under water in the winter, nature takes with one hand but gives back with the other.

With this in mind, I approach my mid-winter sessions with the same gusto I would as if I were in Brazil. Take a look at the photos, you can see I seem to be able to get thrown around like jeans in a washing machine no matter what the temperature, but every now and again there's a moment when it comes together and I get a bit of a grin.

So it really doesn't matter where you are if you're gonna be getting a good thrashing; the only regional affect I've found so far is what post wipeout drink I'm going to set about once I get back to land. My research so far suggests that strong locally measured cocktails served over crushed ice works in the tropics, and dark beers work when you're in the colder regions.

If you can think of any local speciality drinks that wipe-out chasers should try in your region, throw your comments on the Kiteworld Facebook fanpage and I'll incorporate them into my ongoing research. Anything for the good of the sport!


Dom also offers advice and clinics on wave riding (sometimes he catches a few!) Follow him at: @surfsanctuary


Mr Lenten knows better than anyone that in order to ride hard, you've got to slam pretty hard too. Here's a section from The Kite Show Episode 6 in which Jim interviews Ruben about the super hard slam he took during his demo at the Len10 Mega Loop Challenge last year and Lewis and Aaron have a chuckle as they talk through its gruesomeness as the slow mo footy runs. All time classic. Fast forward to around 04:00 for the slam action.

More at: www.thekiteshow.tv

WW: 04

Here is Keahi de Aboitiz and Luke McGillewie, two of the hottest young wave slayers in the world at the moment. Keahi went on to become 2012 KSP World Champion, and Luke finished 5th. You wouldn't know it looking at this though! Bit more pressure over the centre line boys...

Keahi de Aboitiz and Luke McGillewie

WW: 05

Tom Court is one of the most stylish wake-stylers in the game... but a blind landing can catch anyone out at speed. Tee hee.


Tom demonstrates much more style at: www.ripslix.co.uk

Wainman Hawaii

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