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INTRO - Tuva Jansen got hooked on kitesurfing after working in a wake and skate shop in Oslo way back in 2001. For tricks and flat water Tuva loves to visit Coche in Venezuela. Tuva in sponsored by Takoon, Dakine and Oxbow and is currently enjoying travelling the world in search of that perfect kiting hot spot.

- Boys. They're fun to hang out with. But girls are are the only ones that really understand the gospel of gossip.

TWO - It is OK to not like everyone. I can be sure that not everyone likes me.
THREE - There's a big difference between different people's definition of power tricks and wake tricks.
FOUR - My life as a kiteboarder would be much harder without a big French boyfriend called Bertrand to help me set up my board and bars. I'm just not made for that stuff. I say 'No!' to super feminism!
FIVE -I cannot live without waffles and pancakes with Nutella.
SIX - Pictures can lie, videos can't.
SEVEN - Learning French is much harder than I thought.
EIGHT - Not everything is possible, even if your Mum tells you it is.
NINE - As a kiteboarder learning to be patient will stop you going crazy.
TEN - Shopping will always make me happy.
ELEVEN - Melted cheese is so much better than normal cold cheese.
TWELVE - Playing poker sucks.
THIRTEEN - Money would make my life so much easier, perhaps not happier, but I'd have a lot less worries. Well, maybe just a little bit happier too...
OUTRO - 29 year-old Tuva Jansen has been pushing the envelope of women's kiteboarding over the last two years. She is currently at home in Norway after non-stop travelling to Cabo Verde, Antigua and Venezuela where her focus was on riding kickers and sliders. Tuva recently won the women's slider competition at PKRA Venezuela.

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Added: 2010-03-03

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