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Terrible Tuesdays #01


Tuesday... urrgghh. Monday was hard enough, but Tuesday! But don't worry - there may still be three whole days to the weekend, but we'll be here every week with an update that sticks two fingers up to Tuesday. So put your feet up on the desk, loosen your tie, get your mates round your screen and help us keep it real by remembering that work just helps you pay for your kiteboarding gear!


TT: 01



CAPTION ? He's got that look in his eye again!

That's right, when it comes to entertainment and passion, they don't come in a much more exciting package than this crazy Dutchman. Ruben's been in and out of the spotlight for the last couple of years while recovering from a troublesome, recurring ankle injury, but we're glad to report that the adrenaline-fuelled freestyle side of the sport is now back in good hands with him currently tearing it up in Cape Town. Ruben will be competing at the Red Bull King of the Air in Cape Town in early Feb (which Kiteworld ed Jim is judging at) and Ruben also released this storm chasing video last week, shot in Ireland and Holland (the story from which we have in Kiteworld issue #61, which is on its way out now!).

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TT: 02


Redbull King of the AirForget your super low profile, blink-n-you'll-miss-em new school monkey tricks, after an eight year hiatus, the Red Bull King of the Air is back! Making its return to the beaches of Big Bay, Cape Town with a holding period of the first two weeks of Feb, this new incarnation of the event will see today's most hardcore crop of altitude hungry, mega looping aerial specialists go into battle in 30 ? 40 knots of wind. In fact, the more wind the better as far as the organisers are concerned... so we could see some heats contested in even more than that if conditions allow.

Confirmed entrants include the likes of Ruben Lenten, Youri Zoon and Lewis Crathern and the full list of invited riders and wildcards will be released very soon! All updates at: www.kingoftheair.co.za and wildcard videos, more comment and excitement at The RedBull King of the Air Facebook page: Kiteworld Facebook Fanpage

Kiteworld editor Jim will be reporting from behind the scenes, so look out for his online posts and stories in the mag. It's going to be an amazing spectacle and a great reason to celebrate being a KITEboarder!

Jim will be updating at:


TT 03:


Sebastian Copeland and Eric McNair-Landry completed the first east-west transcontinental crossing of the Antarctica ice sheet in June last year. Covering 4,100 kilometres in 82 days.

As well as collecting broken ribs and frostbite, the trip netted the pair three new polar records:
1. First to reach the Pole of Inaccessibility from the east coast without outside assistance.

2. First to reach the geographic South Pole from the Pole of Inaccessibility and thereby opening an 880-kilometre new route.

3. First time that east coast was linked to west coast and all was done with only human generated and wind energy.

CAPTION ? At least your feet are toasty in your sock that your nan gave you for Christmas!
Reaching the Pole of Inaccessibility

Seb and Eric are in an Adventurer of the Year contest currently running through Epic TV. Up against the likes of some bloke called Felix Baumgartner, they are climbing the rankings but need your vote. You can vote once a day every day until the 24th, so please vote for them now here:

VOTE HERE: daily.epictv.com/awards
You can also check out the rest of the competition on that link, too.
Sebastian's fascinating blog is at: www.sebastiancopeland.com
Here's a trailer from their upcoming movie to seduce you into voting:

TT 04:


Still not feeling as if you've fully escaped that Tuesday feeling? Throw your cursor over the play button below and let the Ozone snowkite team whisk you away to New Zealand. (You may have read a story from this trip in the brilliant Sessions gallery feature that ran in issue #60).

NZ: Snowfarm & Cardrona Test Ozone Frenzy Summit and Access valided from RideUP on Vimeo.

TT 05:

and finally...

Annabel van Westerop - Cabrinha

Thanks to Annabel van Westerop from Aruba who is one of Cabrinha's latest up and coming riders for sending in this pic which she thought would fit nicely in Terrible Tuesday. (Another of Cabrinha's rising crop of shredding groms, Johnny Berger, shines in Introducing in issue #61 by the way). If you found yourself living in Aruba, and on a trip to Brazil, we reckon you'd be smiling pretty hard, too, but thanks Annabel for helping brighten our day! Photo by Tala Elajou, shot in Uruau for Pro Kite Brasil. See you on the water. Find more on Annabel in these places:


TT 06:

One last thought:

We lied - this is really finally... Kite Scoop have a running theme for their images on Fridays. Can you guess what it is? We thought it would work well for us on Tuesdays. Susi Mai on promo in probably the most popular Facebook post of the week in the kiteboarding world ... Happy Tuesday everyone!

Susi Mai

Have a nice day!
The Kiteworld Team



Wainman Hawaii

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