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Terrible Tuesday #03


Tuesday... urrgghh. Monday was hard enough, but Tuesday! Don't worry though - we'll be here every week with an update that sticks two fingers up to Tuesday. Put your feet up on the desk, loosen your tie, get your mates round your screen and help us keep it real by remembering that work just helps you pay for your kiteboarding gear!

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This week we literally help brighten up your day with this sequence of 2011 KSP World Champion and strapless genius Airton Cozzolino, shot by KW tester Chris Bull while he was running a clinic out in Cape Verde at the end of last year. Airton is a colourful character and his riding is certainly injected with plenty of verve and zip, but we're not sure if these little pop socks are taking things a bit too far. Airton is a young, ripping dude, so can just about get away with them, but can you see your best mate rolling up in them down your local spot and your other mates having no comments whatsoever? But what do we know about fashion? We still don't roll our skinny jeans up to just above our ankles like the cool kids, but we probably will soon...

Find Bully at: www.cbk-haylingisland.com

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Let's face it, the whole kitesurfing experience is a pretty wonderful one. Whether you're just learning to tame that first addictive pull from the kite or fanging out the latest powered handle-pass, there's always something new to thrill you just around the corner. However, sometimes it's the simplest moves that can feel the best. Look at the carving gybe - I mean, some windsurfers spend ten years trying to perfect theirs. Fortunately, it takes a little less time for us to get that lovely feeling of high speed grip running through your toe-side rail as you lean in fully committed. Here's Best's freestyle machine Michael Shitzhofer with a little example of why he still enjoys it so much.
CAPTION ? The classic never go out of fashion. Michael Shitzhofer, Brandvlei, Cape Town, South Africa. PHOTO - Franz Shitzhofer

'I love gybes like this one. It's such a good feeling when you go into one at full-speed; the G forces allowing your to really lean into it as if you're lying down on the water. The most important parts are the timing and the kite steering. I always go in full speed, then I start to steer the kite up and then tip my board in on the toe-side edge, leaning more and more and turning harder and harder until I've completed the jibe and hopefully come out of it still carrying lots of speed.

'A common mistake is to not steer the kite before going into the turn. It's important to move the kite before initiating the jibe as otherwise you will lose line pressure when you turn, ride towards the kite and lose power. After the gybe it's important to edge through out the whole turn to get the line tension back into the kite and to ride smoothly and quickly out of this lovely carving turn.'

Mike rides for Best Kiteboarding. Find more on him also at: www.mikekite.tv



Wainman Hawaii

Added: 2013-01-29

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