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Shop Showdown: Surfstore Africa, Muizenberg

Surfstore Africa teach a full range of comprehensive kitesurfing courses in safe spots, away from the crowds and in nice, shallow and flat, fresh water at Zeekoevlei. Using Ozone kites, Surfstore Africa offers kitesurfing courses fit for all budgets and also operate a full retail store for all your equipment needs as well as providing advice on conditions and spots. Surfing, SUPing and kite buggying are also options. Accredited by the IKO.

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 Surf Store Africa

Who are you?
Patrice Hartmann
Capricorn Beach, Muizenberg, South of Cape Town, South Africa

Who do you work in a team with?
Andre (managing director)
Monica (accounts, billing, shop)
2 full time kitesurfing instructors
1 full time SUP and surf instructor
1 accountant

How long have you lived in Cape Town?
10 years

When people come into the shop and want to know about the history of kitesurfing in this area, what stories do you tell them?
There are two sides of the South Peninsula, each offering very different kitesurfing conditions. The Atlantic side, with rough seas, big waves, cold water and very strong winds, which is suitable for experienced riders dedicated to wave riding. The False Bay side (Muizenberg), where Surfstore Africa is located, offers much for friendly and safe conditions for kitesurfing: consistent wind throughout the day, 14-18 knots in the Morning increasing progressively to 22-26 knots in the afternoon on a typical day, large patches of flat water between the small waves along the shore, slightly bigger but mellow waves at the back line, the water temperature is the warmest you will find in Cape Town, and miles of un-crowded beach line.

So in summary, I advise freestylers and people who want to get into waveriding to kitesurf in Muizenberg, which undoubtedly is the friendliest spot in Cape Town for freestylers and for wave riding strapless. For experienced riders who want to go into pure wave-riding straps on, I advise them to take a drive to Kommetjie, Noordhoek, Witsands, Scarboroug or Platboom depending on the wind predictions

Muizenberg Beach

Tell us the top three things about kitesurfing in Cape Town or at your spot?
Muizenberg is absolutely unique in Cape Town for:
The consistency of the onshore wind, blowing constantly throughout the day
The water is warmer than anywhere else in the western Cape of South Africa
Large flat water patches and easy to ride mellow waves

When does the magic happen?
Strong south-easterly wind (30+kts), low tide, 7m to 9m kite = full speed in flat sections with perfect launcher in the small the waves allowing biiig jumps, looong hangtime, and smooth landing. Stoked!

If you could choose one kite and one board to ride here all year what would it be and why?
Freestyler: Ozone C4 8m? and Twin Tip board Vanhunks Manakel 132x40
Waverider: Ozone REO 6m? and DSD Waveboard 6ft1 (strapless)

If you had to choose one spot to ride in Cape Town, which would it be and why?
Witsands in the South Peninsula, because I like to ride in powerful waves, and rough seas. The swell can get big there, and the wind gets absolutely nuking sometime, which makes it such a Mystic place to kite. I love it!

There are quite often waves in Cape Town. What are your top tips for riding in and around waves and dealing with them?
Waves in Cape Town are everywhere, and diverse from spot to spot, but these would be the general tips I would give to a rider visiting. Firstly, respect people around you, the locals are really nice people, always happy to share their spot with visitors, but there are few things you should know if you want to keep it this way: don't ride waves where surfers are paddling;don't drop into a wave that another kitesurfer is busy riding; respect other beach users and swimmers.

Secondly, practice to ride waves in the mellow waves of False Bay, Muizenberg in particular before you engage into the open South-Atlantic swell. Once you feel ready to go into big waves, train to control perfectly your jumps to manage jumping over incoming white water which can be few meters high. Practice holding your breath under water, and if you get caught into a big waves, don't panic and relax as you need to save your air. Always take a hook knife with you in case you get tangled into your lines. If you are unsure about the area, ask locals and they will gladly advise you about what you can or should not do.

Lots of the world's best riders visit Cape Town each year. Who is your favourite to spend some time watching and why?
Most of my friends here grew up surfing, way before they started kitesurfing. A few of them are ripping in the waves like no one else, and I like watching them, and I learnt a lot from them in 10 years.

If you had one tip that you could give to someone visiting this area to make their trip even better, what would it be?
Avoid the ultra touristic spots, rather discover real people and authentic spots in the South Peninsula of Cape Town!

Describe your perfect day in Cape Town.
A nice morning session with 25kts SE wind in Witsands, 6-8ft waves, followed by a session in the afternoon with strong SE 30+kts in Muizenberg at low tide. On a full moon day, this can follow by a Full moon kiting session in Muizenberg, and last a party at the Polana (Kalk Bay)

Kiting in Muizenberg

Where serves the best after-session beer?
Brass Bell in Kalk bay

Where is your favourite place to eat out in Table View and in Cape Town?
In Table view, Primi Piatti, and in Cape Town 'Live Bait' at the Harbour house, Kalk Bay, the best sea food ever at very affordable price!

Both a special one-off and as a daily chow down.
Table View: Blowfish in the Dolphin Beach Hotel or Doodles at the Beachfront Bloubergstrand
Cape Town: Wakame at the Mouille Point with a great ocean view and the best Sushi and tuna steak in town

If a customer walks into the shop saying they've had too much kitesurfing and need a day off to do something else, what do you recommend?
They must definitely try Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Muizenberg, if the wind is not blowing.
On a howling Southeaster, I really recommend to see the Cape of Good Hope nature reserve, and take a walk down the path separating the old and the new light house of Cape point, so that they can have a taste of what a Hurricane feels like

What is the most useful Afrikaans phrase that you could teach us? And what does it mean?
Baie Dankie, means thanks very much.
If you speak French, never say in French the words 'Push' or 'Thumb', or the Afrikaans around you will look at you in a funny way, especially the girls.

What is the best gadget you sell?
Waterproof pocket for cellphone/ipod/car key.

What is your best sales line?
We only sell equipment we love using, nothing else. If you still aren't sure, always try before you buy.

See inside the shop - Click on an image below to enlarge:

Photo of Shop Showdown: Surfstore Africa, Muizenberg  Photo of Shop Showdown: Surfstore Africa, Muizenberg  Photo of Shop Showdown: Surfstore Africa, Muizenberg  Photo of Shop Showdown: Surfstore Africa, Muizenberg  Photo of Shop Showdown: Surfstore Africa, Muizenberg  Photo of Shop Showdown: Surfstore Africa, Muizenberg 
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