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Shop Showdown: Naish Kitesurf, Cape Town

Naish Kitesurf are based in Marine Circle, one street back from the beach in Table View, they were the first store in Cape Town to stock kitesurfing equipment (this is their 29th year in business) and are the Naish importers for South Africa, so expect the full range of 2013 gear. Shinn boards, Dakine accessories plus windsurfing gear. Choose from brand new, second hand or take some demo gear for a spin.

+27 (0) 21 557 0740

Naish Kitesurf SA

Who are you?
Brian Wilson (no relation to the Beach Boys) is a 65 year old Scotsman who has been through the complete wind sports cycle, starting with Hobie Cats, then windsurfing and now kitesurfing for the past 13 years.

Who do you work in a team with?
We are a combination team composing of myself in the retail store, Goose of Cape Dr custom boards fame, who slaves daily in his smelly custom board factory churning out works of art in the form of kite boards, windsurfers and SUP's, plus Goose's wife Cindy who keeps both of us in line and makes sure there is some money in the bank.

How long have you lived in Cape Town?
Have lived in Cape Town for some 19 years after moving the Suntrax store, plus family, from that other South African windy city Port Elizabeth.

When people come into the shop and want to know about the history of kitesurfing in this area, what stories do you tell them?
We talk about the days in the mid 90's when foil kiters used to body drag and tea bag down the Tableview beachfront, then the advent of the relaunchable Wipika Classic 2 line inflatable kite, learning on 6'6' Naish Sky Pirate pre twin tip days, and then that sport and industry changer, the 4 line Naish AR5.

Tell us the top three things about kitesurfing in Cape Town or at your spot?
Kiting in Cape Town can be in whatever form you chose. With our reliable summer SE winds you can chose between the flat water spots of Langebaan, the more mellow wave spots of Tableview and Big Bay, or the hardcore places like Haak Gaat, Scarborough, Platboom etc.

If you could choose one kite and one board to ride here all year what would it be and why?
My favourite combination is my Park 9.0 SLE, plus Money Shot 133, in a moderate swell, with a 20 knot SE and the sun setting behind the Celi wreck, 25 deg air temp and the other Naish crew whooping and yelling around me ? I think that speaks for it's self :)

Lots of the world's best riders visit Cape Town each year. Who is your favourite to spend some time watching and why?
My favourite has to be Kevin Langeree, he is such a polished all round kiter whether it be technical tricks at Big Bay or taming hard core tow in wave spots like Dungeons, he is an extremely approachable young guy, always happy to answer questions and is an excellent ambassador for our sport.

If you had one tip that you could give to someone visiting this area to make their trip even better, what would it be?
Spend an hour chatting to us at the Naish kite store

Describe your perfect day in Cape Town:
Gym at 7.00 am, coffee at Bayside Mall, then sell 10 kites and 5 boards before 4pm, a kite session with my son Jacek, then sundowners with partner Wendy at Doodles.

Where serves the best after-session beer?
Has to be Doodles, unobscured ocean view, has the most girls and I can walk home up the hill if I have had one too many.

Where is your favourite place to eat out in Table View and in Cape Town? Both a special one-off and as a daily chow down.
For daily snacks Carlucis right opposite Kite Beach has great food, big helpings and a great view of the kite action. For more romantic or social occasions Primi Piati on the Tableview beach front, or Cape Town Fish Market behind Big Bay, both offer good food, big wine list wine and a great setting.

If a customer walks into the shop saying they've had too much kitesurfing and need a day off to do something else, what do you recommend?
A trip up Table Mountain is a must, if you don't mind queues, followed by a walk and some food in Long Street in the city Centre. Also no trip to The Cape is complete without a visit to one of the many wine farms.

What is the most useful Afrikaans phrase that you could teach us? And what does it mean?
A Boer maak a plan ?literally means 'a farmer makes a plan' of some sort, to always fix something or a situation.

What is the best gadget you sell?
The anti board leash brigade will strongly disagree, but the most successful kite accessory that we sell is the Reel Leash. Time and time again clients who have been learning to kite and struggling to recover their board come back to us and say it is the best kitesurf kite item that they ever bought, as it saves so much time and energy and really speeds up the learning process.

What is your best sales line?
How many would you like Sir/Madam?

See inside the shop - Click on an image below to enlarge:

Photo of Shop Showdown: Naish Kitesurf, Cape Town  Photo of Shop Showdown: Naish Kitesurf, Cape Town  Photo of Shop Showdown: Naish Kitesurf, Cape Town  Photo of Shop Showdown: Naish Kitesurf, Cape Town  Photo of Shop Showdown: Naish Kitesurf, Cape Town  Photo of Shop Showdown: Naish Kitesurf, Cape Town  Photo of Shop Showdown: Naish Kitesurf, Cape Town  Photo of Shop Showdown: Naish Kitesurf, Cape Town 



Naish Kiteboarding TV S02E08: SA MELTING POT from naishkiteboarding on Vimeo.



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