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Shop Showdown: Kitty Hawk Kites, Cape Hatteras

KITTY HAWK KITEBOARDING teach all levels April - November, usually at a ratio 3:1 and students are followed on boat or jet-ski. They have an enourmous demo centre with virtually everything they sell in the shop or tech centre for you to try. Off-site rentals also available. Accommodation and shop open year round.

Lessons: +1 252 987 2297 / Accommodation: +1 252 305 2629

Shop Showdown: Kitty Hawk Kites Waves Village Kiteboarding Resort Rodanthe, NC by: Adam Super - Internet Manager

Who are you?
My name is Adam Super. I am the kiteboarding internet manager at Kitty Hawk Kites Kiteboarding Resort on Hatteras Island. I am also the technical representative for Mystic, RRD, and Axis kiteboarding.

Who do you work in a team with? Also explain where your centre/shop is.
Our entire staff Waves Village are excellent people. I work closely under Chris Moore. He is the operations manager for Kitty Hawk Kites Kiteboarding Division. Kitty Hawk Kites, Waves Village Kiteboarding Resort is in Rodanthe, North Carolina. We have a massive retail location that includes a restaurant, coffee shop, three story condo building, swimming pool, hot showers, kiteboarding school, demo/rental center, and one of the most amenity filled, public launch sites on the Outer Banks.

How long have you lived/worked in Hatteras?
The 2013 season will be my 5th Season. I have lived in Hatteras year round since 2010.

When people come into the shop and want to know about the history of kitesurfing in this area, what stories do you tell them?
Unfortunately I have not lived in Hatteras my entire life. I have only been residing on this lovely island for a few seasons. I would share my history and experiences that I have had on the island. I learned to kite here and I believe that the Outer Banks of North Carolina has provided me with the ideal conditions to progress my riding, and what my life is today. Hatteras is a wonderfully unique place that provides world-class conditions for all disciplines. People have been travelling to this windy paradise in the Atlantic to kiteboard and windsurf for a very long time.

Tell us the top three things about kitesurfing in Hatteras or at your spot?
There are three main things that I tell people about kiteboarding in Cape Hatteras. Hatteras Island is about the Landscape, the Wind, and Kitty Hawk Kites. The landscape is one of the reasons that this place is so special. The conditions are ideal for learning and progressing no matter the style of riding or level of the rider. The thin barrier islands that create the outer banks, position themselves in a way that works well with the prevailing frontal winds we are blessed with. This allows riders to ride the flat water that separates the island from the mainland to the west or to shred the waves on the east side of the island in the Atlantic Ocean. The Pamlico Sound is protected behind the island and provides the ideal conditions for freestyle riding and an excessive amount of progression. The sandbar stretches far and wide and the sound is typically knee to chest deep in most places with a sandy bottom. These easy conditions remove many variables to the complex equation of kiteboarding and aide to easy and quick progression.

I have only lived in Hatteras for a short time but it feels like the wind is always blowing. Between the 2012 and 2013 season I have kited every month of the year. We have frontal driven winds throughout the entire year. The ideal season is April-November. This is when the water and the air temperature is most tolerable. The wind in the spring is more inconsistent but when it comes it is strong and powerful. As the spring turns into summer and the hot air moves in the wind will become more frequent with lower wind speeds. June and July are exceptional months for wind, warmth, and flat water riding.

Kitty Hawk Kites Waves Village Kiteboarding Resort has one of the best launch areas and accommodations on the island. The launch site is public. Patrons are required to sign a waiver to use our amenities. There is a grass launch area with air compressor to pump kites, bathrooms, restaurant, hot showers, and swimming pool. The condo guest can access all of the amenities plus hot tubs, BBQ grills and gear lockers. Sometimes in Hatteras it is not windy. Kitty Hawk Kites provides over 60 activities on the island so kiters can keep busy during non-windy days. Paragliding and hang gliding is a perfect light wind activity. Hatteras also provides some of the best surf on the east coast and the stand up paddling and kayaking is excellent on this island.

When does the magic happen?
Everyday! I am writing this as I stare out my window looking at the tree's sway in the warm southwest winds. My body is weak with sore muscles, bruised and beaten from the countless number of sessions that the last few weeks have delivered. Every time I have a session it is unique and different. Whether it is a new, unexplored piece of the island, a new down winder, or new friends that I am sharing the experience with. Hatteras is always providing an outstanding experience for any level of kiteboarding.

Photo of Shop Showdown: Kitty Hawk Kites, Cape Hatteras  Photo of Shop Showdown: Kitty Hawk Kites, Cape Hatteras  Photo of Shop Showdown: Kitty Hawk Kites, Cape Hatteras 

If you could choose one kite and one board to ride here all year what would it be and why?
2013 RRD Obsession MKV 10.5m and 2013 Axis Limited 135 Kiteboard. When the conditions are right for this gear, it's a perfect day.

Lots of the world's best riders visit Hatteras each year. Who is your favourite to spend some time watching and why?
This is tough question. So many of the top riders in the sport come to share the waters with us. For me, I couldn't put my finger on any one rider. I would have to say that all of the people I share these epic conditions with contribute to my experience in some way or another. Some riders are raw power, others have steeze for days, others are outrageous, and some are out right dangerous, some just go huge, and some have it all. Each rider whether they are the best in the world or it is there first lesson contribute to my stoke on the water. Most of the time the best kiters are here I am kiting away from the crowds and trying to find my private piece of heaven. If I had to pick one rider it would be Aaron Hadlow. His riding style is precise, technical, and relaxed. Fluency and ease is what I would hope to accomplish in my riding and what I admire about the top riders.

If you had one tip that you could give to someone visiting this area to make their trip even better, what would it be?
Rent a car! You want to be able to explore the island in its entirety. You would also want to take advantage of as much activities as possible. Some days it is not windy and that is a perfect time to explore, try something new, or learn more about this unique place and its history.

Describe your perfect day in Hatteras.
Wake up early, 6 am or earlier. I would start my day by having a coffee. I would follow that by a kite session, breakfast, another kite session, break for lunch, kite, have a healthy snack, then do a down winder with the homies. This day of kiting would be followed by a good dinner, with excellent company, laughing about our adventures of the perfect day, and then finishing the night with a well written Kiteworld Shop Showdown article!

Where serves the best after-session beer?
Goodwinds seafood bar and Grill at the Kitty Hawk Kites Waves Village Kiteboarding Resort.

Where is your favourite place to eat out in Hatteras? Both a special one-off and as a daily chow down.
My favourite restaurant on the Outer Banks is the Bad Bean Baja Bar and Grill. It is in the town of Kitty Hawk at Milepost 5.5. The food is exceptional. This is about 35 miles away from my house so visiting that amazing location is not a regular eatery. I would highly recommend it on a non-windy day or on your way in or out. The local chow down spot is Waves Market. They are open late, food is amazing, and the prices are good. The Waves Market burritos are an everyday occurrence for the locals in this town.

If a customer walks into the shop saying they've had too much kite surfing and need a day off to do something else, what do you recommend?
Hang gliding, paragliding, wild horse tours, dolphin tours, stand up paddle board and kayak tours, wakeboarding, jet packing, hiking, frisbee golf, surfing, skydiving, a long beach day, or sight seeing. Kitty Hawk Kites offers an exceptional amount of activities and we have an abundance of locations. Going into a store and planning your next adventure is easy and highly recommended. You should be anything but bored in the Outer Banks.

What is the best gadget you sell?
I really like the solar powered line from Goal Zero. They make some awesome gadgets that I find super useful when I'm kiting such as a solar powered battery charger for you phone. I use my phone for everything so it's good to have it charging when I'm out for a session.

What is your best sales line?
We sell a wide variety of product from many manufacturers. Our top selling kiteboarding gear is Mystic, Cabrinha, and RRD.

Photo of Shop Showdown: Kitty Hawk Kites, Cape Hatteras  Photo of Shop Showdown: Kitty Hawk Kites, Cape Hatteras  Photo of Shop Showdown: Kitty Hawk Kites, Cape Hatteras  Photo of Shop Showdown: Kitty Hawk Kites, Cape Hatteras  Photo of Shop Showdown: Kitty Hawk Kites, Cape Hatteras  Photo of Shop Showdown: Kitty Hawk Kites, Cape Hatteras 
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