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Shop Showdown: Club Mistral Tarifa

Club Mistral Valdevaqueros is equipped with the latest and complete range of North Kiteboarding equipment. The centre is situated right on the best and most famous spot in Tarifa - Valdevaqueros. Daily lessons for all levels, supervision and rental of equipment, plus shop and beach bar.

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 Club Mistral Valdevaqueros

Who are you?
My name is Chris Ziaja, I am in charge of the Club Mistral Centres in Tarifa.

Who do you work in a team with?
I am a member of the Club Mistral Team. We operate two watersport centers in Tarifa, both are right on the beach. One on the famous beach of Valdevaqueros, the other is close by at the Hurricane Hotel.

How long have you lived/worked in Tarifa?
The Centers have been here for more than 25 years now. I have lived in Tarifa since 2009.

When people come into the shop and want to know about the history of kitesurfing in this area, what stories do you tell them?
I think Tarifa is one of the birthplaces of the sport at least in Europe. When kiteboarding started to grow and develop there was already a very good infrastructure in Tarifa due to the long existence of the windsurfing scene here.

Tell us the top three things about kitesurfing in Tarifa or at your spot?
It's great for all levels with a 100% wind consistency during the summer months. The bay provides shelter for the more inexperienced riders without compromising the training standard of the pros who come here daily to train.

When does the magic happen?
The true magic happens 15th June - 15th September; the period when the place really goes off. Lots of people, lots of parties and wind every day.

If you could choose one kite and one board to ride here all year what would it be and why?
That´s a very personal question. For me, it would be a 7m North Evo and a 6.0 Pro Waveboard. But I'm not so into freestyle. Looking at the question more neutrally it would be a 9m North Evo and a 136 twin.

Lots of the world's best riders visit Tarifa each year. Who is your favourite to spend some time watching and why?
16 year-old Liam Whaley who rides here a lot ? he's Tarifa's brightest young hotshot.

If you had one tip that you could give to someone visiting this area to make their trip even better, what would it be?
Make sure you rent a car for the time you´re here. Being mobile allows you to make the best of the thousands of possibilities that Tarifa has to offer.

Describe your perfect day in Tarifa.
Wake up early, go for a windless surf session at one of the spots close by. Get out of the water when the wind starts to fill in and have breakfast at the Surla cafe. Get to Valdevaqueros around 11am to make sure I get a good parking spot and have a second coffee on the beach before getting ready to kite around noon. Spend the afternoon kiting and then have a cocktail at the Tumbao Beach Bar at Valdevaqueros. Home, shower and then a beach BBQ at the Surfers Lounge on the Hurricane Beach. Around 11pm get ready to head into Tarifa's old Town and get lost in one of the hundreds of bars that form Tarifa's amazing nightlife.

Where serves the best after-session beer?
Surfers Lounge - greatest place for a sundowner.

Where is your favourite place to eat out in Tarifa? Both a special one-off and as a daily chow down.
Best special place to eat is the El Tesoro in my opinion. Pacha Mama is a great place to eat something on a more daily basis.

If a customer walks into the shop saying they've had too much kitesurfing and need a day off to do something else, what do you recommend?
Stand Up Paddling from Spain to Africa is great and should be done! For a more out-of-the-water activity, I personally enjoy visiting Gibraltar for a day.

What is the most useful Spanish phrase that you could teach us? And what does it mean?
'Suelta la barra' ? let go of the bar. This place gets quite windy!

What is the best gadget you sell?
We´re a kite centre, so don't have many gadgets I am afraid. What we do have is the complete current North Kiteboarding range for people to test. If they find something they like, they can buy it straight away, new or second hand. For those not experienced enough to rent the gear, we do all kinds of lessons on a daily basis.

What is your best sales line?
If you want to have all the latest North Kiteboarding, Fanatic and North Windsurfing equipment in the right place on the hippest beach in Tarifa, The Club Mistral Center is the place to go.

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Photo of Shop Showdown: Club Mistral Tarifa  Photo of Shop Showdown: Club Mistral Tarifa  Photo of Shop Showdown: Club Mistral Tarifa  Photo of Shop Showdown: Club Mistral Tarifa  Photo of Shop Showdown: Club Mistral Tarifa  Photo of Shop Showdown: Club Mistral Tarifa  Photo of Shop Showdown: Club Mistral Tarifa  Photo of Shop Showdown: Club Mistral Tarifa  Photo of Shop Showdown: Club Mistral Tarifa 
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