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- You need humility to survive long term in kiteboarding. You also have to know your limits. Fear is the ultimate handbrake and it has to be removed when you train for speed.

TWO - Don't be disappointed if things don't go your way; you just need to keep focussed.
THREE - It's not the goal itself but the road towards the goal that ultimately makes it worthwhile.

FOUR - Being both the event organiser of the Luderitz Speed Challenge and a competitor has proven to be a weakness for me and an advantage for other competitors. There are always a few disgruntled competitors, but my advice to them is don't bite the hand that feeds you.
FIVE - I am the worst pole dancer. I apologise to all who have witnessed it and are now scarred for life.
SIX - Life gets better after 30. At 30 you can appreciate the good things in life and take more pleasure than when you were 20. Perhaps 40 will be better still then!
SEVEN - When you screw up at 55 knots in a canal you better make sure that you know how to fall.
EIGHT - The sexiest thing about a girl is her look. She may be beautiful, but if she does not have the 'look', she won't appeal to me. Saying that, I instantly fell in love with my girlfriend and that was after seeing her from behind.
NINE - If I had to be a girl I would be my girlfriend to see how it is to be shagged by me!
TEN - If you have a dream do everything to achieve it! Don't let anyone or anything stop you.
ELEVEN - One of the craziest things I've done for speed is leave Cape Town in the night (as it's a better time to drive in the desert) for Lüderitz. I drove 1200 kilometres in 12 hours, trained all day in Luderitz and then drove back to Cape Town that night - another 12 hours of driving. I was seeing ghosts by the time I got home!

TWELVE - I will never forget my first kiteboarding competition. It was in Leucate in 2000 and we were inventing moves and developing new technologies with boards and kites. Ten years later I am still doing it without feeling any older and with friends who have become like my family.
THIRTEEN - I love people who take pleasure in the simple things in life.
FOURTEEN - I have lived in Africa for nine years now because I can really feel the origin of mankind here. I feel like I can do what I like and be myself.
FIFTEEN - When I turn 50 I want to look back and have no regrets. I am sure by then there will be new inventions and I will have new toys to play with.

Sebastien Cattelan, 34, grew up in Gruissan in the south of France. He started kiteboarding in Hawaii in 1999 and, as was the case with everyone at the time, hurt himself repeatedly until he got the hang of it. Over his career he has managed a 3rd finish in PKRA freestyle, a hang-time World Record, has crossed the English and Gibraltar Channels twice, is two time speed World Champion, was the first rider to break the 50 and 55 knot barriers and is two time GPS World Record holder. Sebastien organises and competes in the annual Luderitz-Speed event and lives in Cape Town with the second fastest woman in speed sailing, Sophie Routaboul. He is sponsored by Genetrix kites, Xelerator boards, Prolimit, Dabens, Ocean eye-wear and Locosys.

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Added: 2011-07-27

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