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In our semi-regular fitness feature, Miss Whiplash Dr. Sarah Ellis at the controls, ready to cane you into some sort of shape for snowkiting!

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Kiteboarding is an amazing sport, especially when the destination is a white sandy beach with crystal clear water. But what if you are ready to try snowkiting?

On a recent trip to Colorado I realised what a disadvantage living at sea level really was, huffing and puffing just walking to the rental car! Let’s face it, jumping to 10,000 feet really is a big challenge for your red blood cells. They are prepared to handle hours of kiting in thick oxygen rich air, but thin out the O2 and they are playing catch up, big time.

Training for high altitude has a lot to do with cardiovascular fitness. The greater your lung capacity at sea level, the better equipped you will be to handle the altitude change.

CAPTIONIt may not be quite the same as running to the top, but at this altitude you'll still get a good lung work out on the snowkite elevator, so be ready! | RIDER -Wareck Arnaud, Lautaret France | PHOTORemi Dineur

My hands-down top tip is running. I’m not talking about slow jogging, but intense interval type lung-burning training. If you don’t want to huff and puff at 10,000 feet, you need to make your lungs burn at sea level.

If you are already doing a comprehensive cross-training programme, just add in a few extra sprints or hill runs between exercises. If not, I’ve listed one of my favourite lung-burning workouts below. This workout is designed for someone who can already run three miles without stopping. If this is not yet you, work on building that base, and then push it to the next level.


(Map out 400 metres for this workout)

400 metres is a great length to build lung capacity. It’s just short enough to be a sprint, but just long enough to create a burn.

- Run one mile or a ten minute warm-up
- Sprint 400 metres, take a 30 second rest, then sprint another 400 metres
- Add 400 metres every week until you get to six, taking a 30 second rest break between each.
- Run a one mile or a ten minute cool down

If you can get them under 75 seconds you are doing well. You are really good if you can get them under 60, but the main objective is to push yourself into oxygen debt in order to increase lung capacity. Only the craziest of us consider these type of workouts fun!
If you cannot run, then swimming is your next best option:
- Swim a 400 metre warm-up
- Sprint 50 metres with a ten second rest, repeating up to six times
- Advance to 100 metre sprints with a 15 second rest, repeating up to six times
- Swim a 400 metre cool down


There is no better time to push your lung capacity than after a kiting session.

- Run five to ten x 50 metre sprints on the beach
- The soft sand is the best for adding a level of difficulty
- Make sure you run through a few stretches after you are finished to prevent injury and boost recovery.


Drink plenty of water
Abstain from alcohol for the first two days
Plan on half a day or a rest day the first day to let your body acclimatise

See you on the snow and I'll race ya to the top!

OUTRO – Find more from our resident trainer, Dr. Sarah Ellis (DPT, CPT), online at: www.perfectlyfitonline.com 


This feature is taken from Issue 61

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