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- Open your ears and shut your mouth.

TWO - If you pay attention you can learn something new every day, often where you least expect it.
THREE - We used to use trees and clouds to check the wind. Predicting swell was like black magic. Now we use the internet and can see what the wind and waves are doing at that moment and what it will be doing tomorrow or next Tuesday, not only here, but pretty much anywhere in the world you want to look. Less guessing, chasing and more riding.

FOUR - Big government is scary. Big individual is awesome.
FIVE - Don't spend more than you earn and don't risk anything that you are not willing to lose.
SIX - Don't sail, paddle or kite further offshore than you are confident that you can swim back in to shore from if all goes wrong. A lot of people ride a lot better than they can swim. It's smart to keep those two levels about the same.
SEVEN - Mexican food is awesome.
EIGHT - If you are honest, polite and respectful to others, good things happen...
NINE - The older you get the cuter babies become.

TEN - Knowing when to let things slide and when to stand your ground is the key to a successful marriage, business, sporting career, raising of kids etc etc. Now back to point one and two.
ELEVEN - Real men know how to tie a good knot, and that means the right knot for the application, not just any knot.
TWELVE - I own seven guns and know how to use them.
THIRTEEN - In slow, out fast, always.
FOURTEEN - Spending too much time on your computer, cell phone, i-Pad or whatever other electronic box you have is a very, very bad thing.
FIFTEEN - Every day on the water is a good day.
Robby Naish was raised in Kailua on the east side of Oahu, Hawaii. He started windsurfing in 1974 when he was 11 and went on to win 24 world titles. Not overly impressed by his early kiting experiences with a longboard and Sky Tiger four line kite with handles, it was only after slow and repeated coercing by Don Mantague that Robby started to see the light, eventually getting hooked on kiteboarding when he did his first real jump on a two-line Wipika. Robby's parents started Naish Hawaii in 1979, making custom windsurf boards in Kailua. He started Naish Sails Hawaii in 1995, which slowly evolved into the multi-faceted boardriding company that it is today.
Sponsored by Naish, Quiksilver (clothing, eyewear, shoes, wetsuits) and Red Bull, Robby also has working relationships with Porsche, Oerlikon Solar and Robinson Club hotels. Living almost full time in Haiku on the North Shore of Maui, he also has a home in Kailua and lives with Katie, his wife of 20 years, his four-year-old daughter Christina and dog, Aka. His daughter Nani, 28 and grandaughter, Lilikoi, 18 months, live in Costa Rica. He will be 48-years-old in April, 'but is still very much looking forwards'.
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