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The following is taken from Mauricio's These Things I Know interview, which kicked off the popular series, way back in Kiteworld issue #13 in January 2005.

- Don't try to be better than anyone but yourself. Even if you are the best in the world there's always something new, and often better, to learn.

TWO - You should do more than one sport, that way you'll never get bored. Everybody needs to have plenty of toys, but remember - rollerblading and windsurfing don't count!
THREE - You should definitely watch Ten4.
FOUR - Always ask the airlines to upgrade you for free. If it works once or twice you'll be stoked, if not they will be happy to give you a window seat on the exit row, which is the next best thing.
FIVE - Always, always, always pull into the barrel. This one is very important. Even if it's closing out, it's better to have a few seconds in the blue room than just going straight all the time. The golden rule: always keep your eyes open in the barrel folks, or you miss out big time.
SIX - The grass is never greener on the other side. Improve what you have already, and make the best of it.
SEVEN - Never mix red wine and tequila.
EIGHT - Set goals in life that you can achieve, but have big dreams too. They will eventually become goals.
NINE - Get an iPod - music inspires every situation.
TEN - Rigging a bigger kite than you need doesn't mean you've got big balls. Your tricks will show how big your nuts really are. Let your riding speak for itself.
ELEVEN - Family is the only thing you can count on in life. Make your friends part of your family, respect and take care of them and you'll get the same in return (if you choose the right friends, that is).
TWELVE - After death, we survive through other people's memories. Make sure everyone has something good to remember you by, that way you'll live forever!
THIRTEEN - Support your local kite shop.

- Mauricio Abreu, 32, was born in Brazil, moved to Oahu in his late teens to pursue his dream of becoming a professional surfer, but when the egomania of the North Shore got too much, he hopped over to Maui, became the local fish chef and started kiting. Since then, Mauricio became a leader in the early two-line wake-style scene and continues to push boundaries in strapless surfing with Liquid Force.

Mauricio Abreu rides for Liquid Force
This feature is in Issue 13

Wainman Hawaii

Added: 2010-03-03

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