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Kiteboarders must never be allowed to wear Speedos, no matter how mainstream the sport gets!

TWO - Forum 'pimps' need to get a life. Ride and be happy.
THREE - Smoking rooms at airports make me laugh, especially the one at Frankfurt airport in Germany.

FOUR - The Vietnamese people are very special. They're courageous, humble, happy and good old ass-kickers.
FIVE - New Zealand is the 'Mecca' for any kiter on land, snow and water.
SIX - 'Wagyu' restaurant in Hong Kong serves the finest tasting steak in the world.
SEVEN - The 'Kiwi Hardman' is the deadliest drink combo out there. It consists of four chasers, a pint of any beer, a Kiwi sized glass of wine (huge bowl), a short with a mixer of any choice and finally a shot of any choice. Record is 13 seconds, I'm told.

EIGHT - Everyone should sail across an ocean at least once in their lives... on a sailing yacht not a cruise liner! Life is too easy these days and some of the magic gets lost.
NINE - Helping to deliver our child was the most exhilarating experience of my life.
TEN - Check into every opportunity that comes your way; pass too many up and they will stop flowing your way.
OUTRO ? Matt's father was one of the pioneers of hang-gliding in the UK in 1973, so he literally grew up in the skies strapped to his Dad's back. Matt's own fascination with watersports began with windsurfing when he was 13. This passion expanded into kitesurfing when he first held a kite on a windsurfing holiday on Maui in 1989. Sadly, Matt's father died in 1983 in a hang-gliding accident, but to his mother's horror Matt found his way back into flying when he took up paragliding in 1989. Ten years later he took first place in his first paragliding competition in Europe and went on to be selected for the British team and rank seventh in the FIA world pilot rankings.
Matt worked as a sail maker for a leading hang gliding and paragliding manufacturer before he was eventually approached, in 2001, by Ozone who offered him a partnership in the company to develop Ozone Kites.
In a life crammed with activity Matt has also:
Spent eight years sailing professionally around the world on super yachts and racing sailboats;
Qualified as a yacht master;
Set up a paragliding school in Antigua;
Flown tandem paragliders professionally in Colorado;
Managed the sales and marketing for Windtech paragliders and kites.
Matt Taggart is 37, and moved to New Zealand in 2007 where he lives with his wife Rebecca and his daughter Ruby Rachel.

This feature is in Issue 32

Wainman Hawaii

Added: 2010-03-03

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