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- Never fly with Iberia Airlines. The flights are expensive, the service is crappy and they are the worst airline in the world for excess baggage.

TWO - Never travel without the holy trinity: credit card, flight ticket and passport. There's almost no problem you can't solve with a combination of these three.
THREE - The perfect kite quiver is a 9,12 and a 16. Add to that a twin tip for freestyle, a 5'0' thruster for strapped surfing and a 5'8' fish surfboard for strapless riding and that's all you need.

- Macs rule and PCs suck. Don't fight it, it's true. If you still use a PC you are in denial. While we are on the subject, I-Pod minis are for women and children ? real men have a 40 gig I-Pod.

FIVE - Here's something I don't know - if your partner tells you that you are selfish for going kiting, aren't they being equally selfish for trying to stop you?
SIX - Something I do know is that if you ask your girlfriend the above question, she will probably deny you your sexual rights for a while!
SEVEN - US immigration is one of the most frustrating places you can find yourself. They purposely only open three desks for 1000 people because if it took less than two hours to clear immigration, you would realise how slow the baggage handlers are!
EIGHT - Don't piss in your suit in shark infested water. To a shark, you'll smell like a seal - ie his favourite dinner. Come to think if it, don't piss in your suit if you are riding in a friends car either... unless you don't like the guy. If that's the case you should then hide the suit under the seat and leave it there a few days.
NINE - Competitions are fun, but only God can judge me.
TEN - Never say never. The number of times in my life that I've said, 'I will never do that' only to find myself doing it at another time is ridiculous. It's amazing how much and how fast life changes. Enjoy what you are doing and keep an open mind for the future.
32-year-old Mark Shinn won the 2003 PKRA and KPWT World Championships and now spends his life chasing the waves of the world
This feature is in Issue 15

Wainman Hawaii

Added: 2010-03-03

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