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- Life is one big adventure.

TWO - The grass may seem greener on the other side of the fence, but be sure there's mud lurking nearby too...
THREE - ...some people think a 4WD truck will take care of that.

- Whenever I fill up my tank in Maui I get the sickening feeling of supporting the people who run the country and the direction they are choosing to take it.

FIVE - Inside the barrel it's only green.
SIX - Eight foot Ho'okipa is much more fun than flat Kanaha.
SEVEN - Riding waves is the closest I'll get to Mother Earth, and something that I'll do all my life.
EIGHT - After travelling half my life, I still get a rush from moving around our planet, discovering new places and meeting and experiencing different people and cultures. It confronts you with the realities of the world we're living in rather than those you're used to. It confronts you with yourself and who you really are.
NINE - You're not always who you seem!
TEN - It's JN, not JL!
ELEVEN - Bruised ribs hurt like hell.
TWELVE - It's always the right time to go to the beach.
31-year-old Marc Ramseier is a team rider and product manager for JN. Since stepping back from competing full time on the PKRA world tour a couple of years ago, he has been chasing the best kitesurfing waves across the globe. He is the other half of new womens' PKRA world champion Kristin Boese, and after the final event in Brazil will be spending the winter at home on the frozen waves of Switzerland.


This feature is in Issue 18

Wainman Hawaii

Added: 2010-03-03

Category: Features

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