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mt_gallery Bembridge on the Isle of Wight was home to the Kite Park Jam set up by Chris Burke. This was the first event of its kind held in the UK and it certainly lived up to international standards with some radical riding both with kites and engines. Chris along with the help of Stu Munns built what may well be the one longest kitesurfing slider at 56 foot! The park also included a kicker, a smaller ghetto rail and a rather lethal whale...
During the week there was a mixture of conditions from wet windy at the start to no wind and tropical sunshine at the weekend. This meant that every toy was ustilied to the max. Riders improved noticably through the week - practise makes perfect but the wipeouts never failed to get a gasp from the crowd. Generous prizes from sponsors Liquid Force, Head First and Island Surf went to the winners of the rider judged jam. Bring on the next Kite Park Jam! Read the full story in Kiteworld issue #36.
Huge thanks go to Rachel Hastilow for these stunning pics (www.rachelhastilow.com), Charlie of Headfirst and Ben from Island Surf and of course Chris Burke and Stu Munns for all the hard work they put into organsing the event and constructing the park and Liquid Force who put up a huge prize stash!

Best all rounder
Dave Hastilow (Cabrinha, NPX, Transcend)
Best Wipeout
Ben Todd (Liquid Force, Lime Hair Products!!)

1st ? Chris Burke (Liquid Force, NPX)
2nd ? Dave Hastilow (Cabrinha, NPX, Transcend)
3rd ? Ben Todd (Liquid Force, Lime hair prods)
1st ? Dave Hastilow (Cabrinha, NPX, Transcend)
2nd ? Chris Burke (Liquid Force, NPX)
3rd ? Ben Todd (Liquid Force, Lime Hair Products!!)

Best Rider Vibe
Dave Hastilow (Cabrinha, NPX, Transcend)

Find out more about Chris Burke and David Hastilow.
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Added: 2008-10-14

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