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The secret to happiness is to do what you love. The secret to success is happiness.

TWO - Life is short. Go off. And don't be scared.
THREE - Jimmy Hall was a great philosopher, teacher, role model and friend.

FOUR - The world needs "More Like Jimmy."
FIVE - Kristin Boese will run you over if you're not really careful. Same with Moe Goold...
SIX - ...be really careful.
SEVEN - The best food in the world is at Haleiwa Joe's on Oahu.
EIGHT - If my house was burning down, I'd run out with my wife and my Haleiwa Joe's Ohana card.
NINE - Dreu Beavis does not need to be a plumber.
TEN - A 20-mile downwinder in Hatteras can fix anything.
ELEVEN - A hot tub and an apple can fix a twenty mile Hatteras downwinder.
TWELVE - My favourite day of the year is the day we drive into Margaret River. My second favourite day is the day we fly out of Sumbawa.
THIRTEEN - Religion is a largely dangerous, divisive mythology.
FOURTEEN - We've let greed and selfishness screw up the environment. It's time to wake-up.
FIFTEEN - Republicans are scared, selfish, rich people.
SIXTEEN - George Bush needs a running fuck-slap.
SEVENTEEN - Airlines don't give a crap
OUTRO ? John Bilderback is 46-years-old and lives with his wife, Alexis, on Oahu's North Shore.
'JB' has been shooting kiting since 2000 and has shot surfing for Surfer magazine for over twenty years and is one of their senior staff photographers as well as being a regular contributor to the Surfer's Journal. After a hectic schedule for their new movie, the Bilderback's are heading for some kite-therapy to Western Australia and are currently working on an international kite contest for TV. The Kite Movie Lines, has just been released and is available through www.kiteworldmag.com/shop/ and www.thekitemovielines.com

Wainman Hawaii

Added: 2010-03-03

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