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I am not a good enough kiter to deserve this honour.

TWO - Worldwide, about ten people a year are killed by sharks, yet some 100 million sharks are killed by people. And people are the ones that are scared!
THREE - It's physically impossible to 'surf ' the internet.

FOUR - Smoking is disgusting and rude.
FIVE - My parents are awesome, as are my girlfriend, my dog, and the rest of my family.
SIX - It is much easier to catch waves with a kite or a jet-ski than paddling.
SEVEN - I live in the most fun place on earth.
EIGHT - Six billion is too crowded.
NINE - Fun toys are much more important than a nice house and car.
TEN - The Mokuleia crew is great. Especially Reo. He is the best.
ELEVEN - Kitemares suck. I know - I have them nearly every session.
TWELVE - The USA is a great country, despite an incompetent leader.
THIRTEEN - Evolution is over for humans, particularly in the U.S. Everybody is so worried about being sued that natural selection is rare. Now even broke dick losers can reproduce thanks to Viagra. The percentage of obese children is soaring. People should be giving their kids surfboards and bikes, not Playstations.
FOURTEEN - South Park is the best
Jimmy Hall, 36, runs on 5000 double 'A' Energiser batteries. He lives on Oahu with his girlfriend Stefanie, and his super-dog Moki. When he isn't kiting, tow-surfing, paragliding, sky-diving or base-jumping, then he's usually filming one of the above... unless he's riding his pet tiger shark 'Princess', or petting great whites. In his spare time he runs shark adventure tours and a catamaran sailing business on the north shore.
This feature is in Issue 21

Wainman Hawaii

Added: 2010-03-03

Category: Features

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