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- I know that I don't know much.

TWO - When launching my kite I like to be unhooked, holding onto the chicken-loop. I only hook in when I know that my kite is flying okay. I've seen too many accidents when people launch.
- I usually like to ride as small a kite as possible on quite short lines. I feel safer riding like this and I always try to be very careful when kiting. It's a dangerous but fabulous sport.

FOUR - I've been lucky to travel to many different countries and have realised that there are lots of good spots wherever the coast has been preserved, which made me believe in some sort of God. The problem is that we build cities and towns much too close to the ocean, most of the time destroying the area. It pisses me off.
FIVE - I don't know if our happiness fits into the current model of our society. It seems that the only important thing is that we buy more, so big companies can get even bigger. This scares me.
SIX - We should try to use bikes as much as possible. When we really need to use a car we should try to give someone else a lift. I see so many people driving alone all day long and I believe this is one of the biggest problems when you look at global warming. Instead of denouncing that fact, governments encourage us to destroy our old car to replace it for a new one. Ecological? Ha ha! Do you think those guys really give a $h£t about global warming?
SEVEN - I see more smiles in poorer countries than ours. I also hear more laughter and feel more happiness in general.
EIGHT - I think that politicians and the media take the piss out of us; they think we are stupid. It has always been like that and is getting worse. But nothing changes and, at the end of the day, I think they are right: we are stupid.

NINE - Buying more and more things doesn't make you happier...
TEN - Except when you go to your local shop and buy a Rabbit. This will make you stoked and happy!
ELEVEN - I don't believe in that number.
TWELVE - Some people say that the world will end in 2012. I recommend that you close this mag - even if it's a good one - and start to enjoy your life as much as possible. You should probably stop working and somehow live on what you already have. If they are wrong, then we can go back to work again in 2013. There's no rush, is there?

Franz Olry, apparently 34, started kitesurfing in 1998 and is widely credited with designing the first real twin-tip in 1999. Sponsored by Wainman Hawaii, Franz also still designs his own boards, under the Alkita brand. He lives in France and Cuba with his wife and their animals and this year plans to plant a tree, write a book, make a baby, finish his house, make a cool kite video, shape some bad ass boards and run for the French presidency, if there's time.


Wainman Hawaii

Added: 2011-07-26

Category: Features

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