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Without kiteboarding the world would be senseless and chaotic!

TWO - Hear no wind, see no wind, pray for wind!
THREE - One good day on the water is equivalent to a lifetime of deep meditation.

FOUR - Don't worry about being too technical and comparing yourself to how others kite. The mastery of your true self is your own self expression.
FIVE - Big waves can kill. 'Malama ke Kai' is Hawaiian for 'Respect the sea'.
SIX - If you ever kitesurf Jaws, don't go alone. Trust me on this.
SEVEN - A lateral calcaneal fracture doesn't hurt for days or weeks, it hurts for months.
EIGHT - Puff the magic dragon lives in Kauai.
NINE - I can tell I have done something wrong before I actually know what it is, because my girlfriend will already be not talking to me.
TEN - Rainbows amuse me for hours. PHOTO Charles Oreve

ELEVEN - When you mix flour and water together you get glue and if you add eggs and sugar you get cake. Strange.
TWELVE - The reason honey is so digestible is because it has already been digested by a bee.
THIRTEEN - Often I sit and ponder the more profound mysteries in life, like why didn't Noah swat those two mosquitoes?
FOURTEEN - My Ouija board is smarter than me.
FIFTEEN - Jose Cuervo is a friend of mine, with a little salt and lime.
SIXTEEN - Have the will to do and the soul to dare.
SEVENTEEN - Live to kite and kite to live
Watch Flash taking on some big waves at Jaws here: www.kiteworld.tv/prime-cuts/kitesurfing-jaws-1412/
Flash Austin started kitesurfing in 1995 when he decided to combine his kite with his skimboard and found it worked pretty well. Through the late nineties and early noughties he ruled the kitesurfing competition scene with a list of titles as lond as your arm, including:
Maui Kitesurfing Champion 1997 and 1998
Cape Verde Flysurf Challenge Champion 1998
Dunkirk Flysurf Challenge Champion 1999
Morocco Flysurf Pro d'Essaouira Champion 1999
Leucate Mondial Du Vent Flysurf Challenge Champion 1999
Maui Red Bull King of the Air Champion 2000 and 2001
Leucate Mondial Du Vent Flysurf Air Challenge Champion 2000
Tarifa Red Bull Sky Ride Freestyle and Distance Champion 2000
Hood River Gorge Games Champion 2000
Switzerland Kiteboarding Champion 2000
New Zealand Red Bull Sky Ride Freestyle and Hang-time Champion 2001
He has just recovered from a lateral calcaneal fracture (a heel broken into many pieces) after a trick went wrong when he was too close to the rocks on the beach. The injury kept him off the water for six months and he has since been signed back to Naish, a previous sponsor. Originally from Florida, Flash has lived in Paia, Maui for eleven years. He is 30 years-old and teaches kitesurfing.
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