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Shop Showdown: Dragon Kite School, Tarifa

Dragon Kite School teach all levels all year, rent out Best kiteboarding gear and sell new and used equipment. They also have a clothing store and can arrange your accommodation. A rescue boat service is provided on lessons in the summer. The kitesurf centre supplies all the equipment needed. The instructors speak fluent English, are qualified by IKO and VDWS and have years of experience in teaching kitesurf and windsurf. Each course runs along IKO guidelines.

+34 660 882 710

Dragon Kite School

Who are you?
We are Dragon Tarifa, international kite and surf school.
We do kitesurf and surf lessons, rental, repair and sale of new and second hand kite and surf equipment. We also have rooms to rent in Tarifa and the school is open all year. We also speak eight languages.

Who is who and where your is your centre/shop?
Miri is from Czech Republic and she is responsible for bookings and advertising. Ingo is from Belgium and is responsible for school and equipment. One of our surf shops, Dragon Tarifa, is in Poligono La Vega and the other one Waikiki in Batalla del Salado 36, in Tarifa. We have the latest surf wear, fashion clothing, wetsuits etc., from brands such as O'Neill, Billabong, Protest, Oxbow, Dakine, Bench, Desigual.

How long have you lived/worked in Tarifa?
Since 2005

When people come into the shop and want to know about the history of kitesurfing in this area, what stories do you tell them?
Tarifa is famous spot for its year-round wind, relatively warm water temperature in winter. The probability of getting two days without wind is very small.

Tell us the top three things about kitesurfing in Tarifa or at your spot?
Wind almost every day, sandy beaches and waves.

When does the magic happen?
If there is no blue sky in summer and if it is raining

If you could choose one kite and one board to ride here all year what would it be and why?
To be able to ride all year in Tarifa its best to have a 9, 11m2 or 7m2.

If you had one tip that you could give to someone visiting this area to make their trip even better, what would it be?
Leave all your worries at home. In Tarifa is everything runs at a nice, slow pace ? the service, the people, the shops open at 10am and it's siesta time between 3-5pm. Even the wind sleeps most mornings, until around 11 or 12. So just relax and enjoy your holiday with the great local people, good weather and tasty food at reasonable prices.

Describe your perfect day in Tarifa.
Blue sky, sun, wind or waves, mojito and salsa.

Where serves the best after-session beer?
A surf bar called Tomatito in the old town.

Where is your favourite place to eat out in Tarifa? Both a special one-off and as a daily chow down.
Pizza in La Tribu, Steak in Vaca Loca, fish in La Pescaderia, breakfast in Surla.

If a customer walks into the shop saying they've had too much kitesurfing and need a day off to do something else, what do you recommend?
We would recommend surfing, whale watching, yoga or visiting Gibraltar or Morocco for a day trip.

What is the most useful Spanish phrase that you could teach us? And what does it mean?
Una cerveza por favor! One beer please!
Hay viento ? Is there wind ?

What is the best gadget you sell?
Kites, kiteboards and surfboards.

What is your best sales line?
We sell Best kiteboarding equipment, very nice and easy kites.

See inside the shop - Click on an image below to enlarge:

Photo of Shop Showdown: Dragon Kite School, Tarifa  Photo of Shop Showdown: Dragon Kite School, Tarifa  Photo of Shop Showdown: Dragon Kite School, Tarifa  Photo of Shop Showdown: Dragon Kite School, Tarifa  Photo of Shop Showdown: Dragon Kite School, Tarifa  Photo of Shop Showdown: Dragon Kite School, Tarifa  Photo of Shop Showdown: Dragon Kite School, Tarifa  Photo of Shop Showdown: Dragon Kite School, Tarifa  Photo of Shop Showdown: Dragon Kite School, Tarifa 
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