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- Life is short and you never know what can happen next. I try to make sure I enjoy whatever I do, whether it's kiting, playing with my kids or loving my wife!

TWO - Starting a new company is very hard, but I believe nothing should get in the way of producing quality, performance and the best customer service, so that everybody can enjoy this amazing sport.
THREE - I am always on the run. Kiting, playing with kids, doing their home work, cooking, photo shoots, demos, PR, R&D to list a few jobs. On the flip-side, it an be nice to relax and enjoy a good movie, some classical music, or jumping over houses.

FOUR - I have a hard time doing my 11-year-old daughter's maths home work. It's hard! I always end up calling my friends for help.
FIVE - If you teach your kid to kite, make sure you teach them on the equipment that you trust the most. Also, don't introduce the harness until they get a good feel of how to fly a kite.
SIX - My best sessions are when I am kiting with my son, Cameron. The only thing I hate is when he tries to jump over me.
SEVEN - It's important to be a good role model for children.
EIGHT - It always gets ugly when you try to teach your wife/girlfriend or husband/boyfriend how to kite. Have someone else do this for you.
NINE - After eleven years of kiting, I still have flashbacks of how I started. I have some funny stories about getting dragged all over the place and also of burning my friend's kite on the power line. He isn't my friend any more.
TEN - Never use UPS for shipping, they will screw you up.

ELEVEN - Forums should be used to help people, not bash them.
TWELVE - When trying a new trick, don't give up, even when it hurts. You will be happy as soon as you make the trick and it will be easy after that. Make sure to take a break though, and to mix your tricks. If you're really struggling with one, go to another and then try again the next day.
THIRTEEN - Always respect locals when you ride at their kiting spots.
FOURTEEN - Equipment makes the rider look good. Before buying a kite make sure you try it, so you can have an Epic time!
FIFTEEN - Greek and Thai food keep me going. Best not to be in the same room with me though at the time, as this can also get ugly.
SIXTEEN - Always help someone in need. Even if it is on the beach and they forgot his/her kite or bar. You never know when this will happen to you, and it will.
SEVENTEEN - Whoops, they told me to stop at sixteen.
Dimitri Maramenides lives in the Outer Banks in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, USA. He set up the Epic kite brand in December 2009. Recently married to Helen, Dimitri also lives with daughter Olivia 11, and son, Cameron, seven.
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Added: 2010-05-25

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