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Let go of the bar when you fall at 50 knots.

TWO Fear is useless. And makes you fall.
THREE Going down the run at 50 knots feels like riding a otorbike at 200km/h without a helmet on a gravel road. On my first 50 knot run I already knew it was fast but when I looked across and saw 50.6 on the counter I was so happy and relieved ? all the work, sacrifice and effort weren't for nothing.

FOUR Surfing Punta Preta in Cabo Verde with a 15 metre kite and a twin-tip in less than ten knots is a very bad idea.
FIVE Mistral winds can blow really strong. We got 62 knot gustson 3rd April 2008 at the last leg of the PKRA speed world cup event in France at my home spot of Port Saint-Louis.
SIX Going for a kite speed session in 60 knots is now possible.
SEVEN Always close every door and window in The Cape Reserve in Cape Town otherwise you'll lose all your post session sandwiches to the baboons.
EIGHT A meal is never cooked in less than an hour in a Namibian restaurant; it's written on the menu.
NINE Change your kite lines as soon as you start thinking about it.

TEN Muscles don't work without the brain.
ELEVEN There is no limit for excess luggage charges on planes. My record is €800... for 130kg!
TWELVE You don't need to be heavy to go fast in kite speed. In Luderitz this year there were competitors of all different builds and sizes, from 110kg down to a 12 year-old kid called Ozzy at 40kg. It's about having the speed spirit and you have to like going fast. In French it's what we call 'La Glisse'.
THIRTEEN Cape Town is the best place to train in winter. It would be even better if the water wasn't cold.
FOURTEEN Competition makes you stronger; you cannot progress alone.
FIFTEEN I hate the phrase 'Live fast, die young'!
OUTRO ? 29-year-old Alex Caizergues broke the elusive 50 knot world speed sailing record in October at the 2008 Luderitz Speed Challenge and is one of only three men ever to have broken that barrier under wind power. Seb Cattelan and Rob Douglas also broke 50 knots on the same day, but Alex holds the outright record at 50.6 knots. He lives in Port Saint-Louis in the south of France and is spending the winter training in Cape Town, South Africa. Catch him at: www.alexcaizergues.com

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Added: 2010-03-04

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