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Aaron and some hot Air

Aaron Hadlow has been writing a column for Kiteworld Mag for over a year now. In Issue #65 he gives some views on Perfomance. You'll have to get a print copy from your local shop or subscribe to read that at the moment, but you can check out his 1st 7 columns all online now.

In reverse order:

Aaron AirsAaron Airs Issue #64 INTRO: At the last PKRA round in Leucate, France back in April, Aaron Hadlow made a dramatic comeback to competition, claiming a podium after three seasons off the tour and managing to beat the current World Champion along the way...

Aaron Airs Issue #63 INTRO: In an issue with a sub-plot focusing on generations, Aaron Hadlow tells us in his regular column about his recent transition from World Champion to getting more involved in the business of kiteboarding...

Aaron Airs Issue #62 INTRO:Aaron Hadlow in his regular column on getting back to competition, hitting up the Middle East and on tuning up his UK crew in Cape Town

Aaron Airs Issue #61 INTRO: Our five time World Champion columnist, Aaron Hadlow, on the conclusion of this year's PKRA World Tour and the common ground that the sport's top performers share

Aaron Airs Issue #60 INTRO: In his column this issue, Aaron Hadlow talks about health, wealth and happiness. Well, health and happiness, anyway...

Aaron Airs Issue #59 INTRO: Back for his second column, Aaron Hadlow looks to a bright future, not only for racing A topic regularly brought to my attention recently is that of, yep, you guessed it: the Olympics Games.

Aaron Airs Issue #58 INTRO: Aaron Hadlow, a five time PKRA World Champion, is the most successful kiteboarder ever. Currently off the water for nine months with an ACL injury, he's also just become our new columnist

Added: 2013-09-13

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